Finding a mechanical fault isn’t always an easy task. Here at Salisbury Clutch Centre, we use the very latest in vehicle diagnostics to accurately pinpoint mechanical problems and solve them effectively. You can trust in the experience, expertise and training of our skilled engineers.


By focusing on systems that provide us with the latest diagnostics and diagnostic techniques, we are able to obtain highly accurate data on any issue. No matter what type of vehicle you drive, our mechanics can help you. We work on all makes and models of any age. If your vehicle has a recurring problem you just can’t seem to fix, bring it into our Salisbury garage today.


Our vehicle diagnostics specialists will be able to find the cause of your car’s mechanical problem and fix it, fast.




Can’t quite work out what the problem is with your car? Bring it to us at Salisbury Clutch Centre!


We provide expert vehicle diagnostic services. Our team of skilled mechanics use the most up-to-date software and equipment to make sure any that any issues are accurately identified and dealt with quickly.




At Salisbury Clutch Centre, we can find any mechanical issue and solve it, fast. We use the very latest vehicle diagnostics to ensure that all systems in your car are working as they should be. Bring your vehicle into our Salisbury garage for a thorough test that will diagnose faults with:

  •  ABS brakes and airbags

  •  Engine management

  •  Fuel injection systems

  •  Diesel injection systems

  •  Air conditioning systems