Staying comfortable while driving is more important than you might think.


Being too hot or too cold can be an annoyance which may distract your attention when you need it most.


Comfortable drivers are less likely to experience road rage and are able to better respond to emergency situations quickly.  


Your car’s air conditioning system also acts as a filter for debris, particles and dust, making sure that the car’s environment is clean.


If your vehicle’s air conditioning system is not working properly, speak to the team at Salisbury Clutch Centre. Our garage in Salisbury provides complete car air conditioning servicing.


If the AC isn’t working at all, talk to us about our effective and affordable car air conditioning repairs. We will help you keep your cool out on the road!


At Salisbury Clutch Centre we offer motorists professional car air conditioning servicing and repairs.


Our team will:


  • check that your air conditioning system is operating properly

  • perform a thorough visual inspection incorporating temperature and leak checks

  • recover any refrigerant and evacuate the air and moisture from your AC system

  • add new oil and recharge the refrigerant

  • add ultraviolet dye to help detect any future leaks


At the end, you’ll receive a detailed printout of all our work.