DPF Filter Cleaning 

Do you drive a diesel vehicle? Most diesel cars built after 2006 contain a Diesel Particular Filtration (DPF) system within their exhaust. This system helps to reduce the amount of soot that your car emits into the environment. As soot builds up, DPF filters can become blocked.


At Salisbury Clutch Centre we provide thorough, professional DPF filter cleaning services. Simply bring your vehicle into our Salisbury garage and our team will thoroughly clean your DPF filter.



DPF cleaning has a range of benefits for your car. Firstly, DPF cleaning ensures that soot is being removed from your exhaust emissions, which helps our environment.


However, DPF cleaning will also help your car to:


  • have better fuel economy

  • increase its performance

  • extend the life of the filter itself

  • cut down on long term maintenance costs


Talk to our team in Salisbury to book in a cleaning service for your DPF.



If your DPF light is on alongside another warning light on your dashboard, then your DPF may be blocked and unable to clean or regenerate itself. In this case, professional assistance is required to identify and remove a blockage.


At Salisbury Clutch Centre we use the very latest technology and diagnostic equipment to accurately find and fix DPF blockages.


No matter how complicated the problem is, our mechanics can provide effective, fast Diesel Particulate Filter solutions.