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Car Money Saving Tips

Here are 13 lucky tips on how you can save money on your car ..

1. Buy Economical Tyres

Cheap tyres feel cost effective at the time but they will cost you more in fuel and need replacing regularly.

All tyres have an EU Tyre label which gives fuel efficiency rating of the tyre:

‘A’ rating means the tyre is eco-friendly and a 'G' rating is the worst performing, resulting in increased CO2 emissions and fuel consumption.

2. Don’t go for Premium Fuel

Premium Fuel claims better performance and economy advantages, whilst cleaning and protecting your engine. Unless you drive a performance car, you probably won't see any of the 'advantages' - but you will pay up to 10p a litre more for the privilege!

3. Don’t use the Accelerator when starting your Car

All modern cars have engine electronics for the starting procedure - don’t waste fuel and risk damage to your engine by pressing the accelerator first.

4. Check your Tyre Pressure

Tyres under inflated by 15psi can use 6% more fuel, so purchase a tyre pressure gauge because this will save you big time.

That’s the difference between averaging 40mpg and 42mpg.

Or, to put it another way, an additional 26 miles from a 60-litre tank of fuel.

5. Get Fully Comprehensive Insurance Quote

You probably think Third Party insurance (the minimum legal requirement which only covers damage to other vehicles) will be the cheapest but often Fully Comprehensive (which also covers damage you’re responsible for to your own vehicle) can work our cheaper.

You’ll be glad of it if you’re in an accident that’s your fault, too.

6. Appeal against Parking Tickets

If you think you've been given an unfair parking ticket - appeal it. Provide evidence, present your case and sometimes the ticket can be overturned.

If you’ve been given a ticket and you were in the wrong, in some cases the fines are reduced by 50% if you pay within 14 days.

7. Use Apps for Parking

Apps like Parkopedia can show you cheap parking spaces in your area (alternatively, park on the edge of town where it's free and take a walk. Your fitness tracker will welcome the additional steps!). Also use Apps like MiPermit to pay for your parking and extend your session remotely, via your phone before it runs out.

8. Buy a Smartphone Holder

If you use your smartphone for navigation or music and it is not in a fixed position, you could be penalised for breaking the law. Buy a quality holder and secure your phone to your dashboard - paying £10 for a holder is better than £200 for a fine and point ons your licesnee - whcih will impact on the your insurance premium.

9. Don’t use Windscreen Wipers on Ice

Windscreen wipers cost at least £20 to replace and they’ll wear out much more quicker if you use them to scrap ice off your windscreen. Invest in a scraper for £1 to save the hassle and pennies.

10. Empty your boot and ditch the roof rack

On average, every 50kg will increase your fuel consumption by 2%, so shedding unnecessary weight will save you money over the year.

11. Wash Your Car Yourself

It may just cost £5 and save you the effort but this all adds up over the year, so take pride in your car and wash it yourself. You may even find it therapeutic.

12. Get Black Box Insurance

Install a Black Box into your car to monitor the way you drive. If you are a safe driver your insurer will treat you as an individual - not a demographic / stereotype - and reward safe driving with a lower premium.

Younger drivers will find this particularly helpful.

13. Buy Tax Annually not Monthly

You can pay road tax annually, every six months or monthly. It will seem easier to pay a little every month but it will work out more expensive over the year.

Paying the full amount at the start of the year will save you money and then you're done for another year.

Don't spend your savings all at once!!

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